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Mocha – Stunning female Teddy Bear Puppy, All Breeds

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Teddy Bear Puppies for sale. Click on my picture to see more pictures and to learn more about me!

SEX Female
Est. Adult WEIGHT 11 - 12 lbs
PRICE $ 799

With locations in Georgia, Florida, Ohio, and Indiana, we make it easy to connect you with the perfect puppy. If you find a pup in a location that's not near you, we offer hassle-free transfers to a more convenient spot.

Found a Home

By clicking "Adopt Me" you acknowledge that your deposit is non-refundable / non-transferable and will hold the puppy for 7 days. Full payment needs to be made within 7 days of deposit or the deposit will be forfeited.

Mocha – Stunning female Teddy Bear Puppy


Introducing Mocha the Teddy Bear ? the playful and energetic furry pal that will add joy and excitement to your life! With their lively personality and boundless energy, these pups are always up for a fun-filled adventure. Beyond their playful antics, Teddy Bears are known for their charming looks and friendly demeanor. They form strong bonds with their human family members, making them fantastic companions for playtime and outdoor activities. Whether it's a game of fetch in the park or a playful romp in the backyard, the Teddy Bear's bouncy nature will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. Embrace the charm and energy of the Teddy Bear, and make every day a delightful and fun-filled experience! Adopt one today and experience the wonders of having an affectionate and playful furry pal by your side. Phone number: 239-877-1757 Email address: Address: 2770 Davis Blvd Suite 40 Naples, FL 34104 Permit #:p23-000253
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