Teddy Bear Shichon Puppies for Sale in Ohio

The Teddy Bear Shichon is a designer dog bred for its cute, toy-like appearance and soft, fluffy coat. These dogs are a cross between the shih tzu and bichon frise breeds and are sometimes also called tzu frises or Zuchons. They are very small at only 7 to 15 pounds and 9 to 12 inches full-grown. Their coats may be dense and fluffy, but these dogs are known to be very low shedders, with some even qualifying as nonshedding depending on which parent the dog takes after. Because of this, they require minimal grooming.

Breed Characteristics

When it comes to playfulness and giving affection, it’s hard to find a better dog than the Teddy Bear Shichon. These dogs are definitely people pleasers and bond tightly to their owners. They do like a daily walk to get their energy out, but even as little as 20 to 30 minutes around the block is generally enough to make them happy. They are excellent lapdogs and do well in homes with small children and elderly family members. They also generally get along with cats and other dogs, although they may have trouble playing safely with larger dogs.

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