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Gordon – Cute Maltese ACA Puppy For Sale in Florida, Cava-Tzu

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Lloyd: Maltese Puppy for sale. Click on my picture to see more pictures and to learn more about me!

SEX Male
Est. Adult WEIGHT 5 - 7 lbs
PRICE $ 1999.99

With locations in Georgia, Florida, Ohio, and Indiana, we make it easy to connect you with the perfect puppy. If you find a pup in a location that's not near you, we offer hassle-free transfers to a more convenient spot.

Found a Home

By clicking "Adopt Me" you acknowledge that your deposit is non-refundable / non-transferable and will hold the puppy for 7 days. Full payment needs to be made within 7 days of deposit or the deposit will be forfeited.

Gordon – Cute Maltese ACA Puppy For Sale in Florida


Gordon, the adventurous and playful Maltese puppy, has an unwavering passion for toys. His favorite time involves an array of toys strewn across the room, inviting endless moments of fun and entertainment. Gordon's sociable nature extends to other puppies, as he delight in joining lively playgroups, engaging in energetic games of chase and interactive tug-of-war sessions. Bath time is an exciting escapade for Gordon, who eagerly dives into the water, splashing joyfully while his fluffy fur becomes a delightful sponge for bubbles and shampoo. Gordon's personality is a perfect reflection of his soft and velvety coat, exuding warmth, comfort, and an irresistible charm that captures the hearts of all who meet them. Maltese dogs are cherished for their small size, luxurious white coats, and gentle nature. These delightful companions are known for their affectionate and loving personalities. Maltese dogs thrive on human companionship and form strong bonds with their owners. They are highly adaptable and can comfortably fit into various living situations. With their hypoallergenic coats and minimal shedding, Maltese dogs are often favored by individuals with allergies. Whether it's a snuggle session on the couch or a playful adventure, Maltese dogs bring joy and companionship to every moment. When you choose one of our puppies, you can rest assured knowing that they have received top-notch care. All of our puppies are up to date with all their shots, have undergone de-worming treatments, and come microchipped for added safety. Furthermore, each adorable fur baby comes with a Health Certificate, guaranteeing their well-being. We stand behind our puppies' health, providing a one-year health warranty for your peace of mind. Our puppies are raised in a loving environment where playtime and affection are cherished. We take pride in ensuring that our puppies receive ample opportunities for socialization. They happily interact and play with other puppies, as well as our friendly store cat. Additionally, our adorable fur babies are familiar with the excitement and energy of a toddler. This early exposure helps them develop into well-rounded and adaptable companions, ready to bring joy to your home. To learn more about these fantastic Maltese puppies and explore other available options in Florida visit our website at We eagerly await your call, text, or email, ready to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. Get ready to embark on a journey of companionship with your perfect Maltese puppy - contact us today! Phone number: (239)877-1757 Email address: Address: 2770 Davis Blvd Suite 40 Naples, FL 34104   Permit# P23-000253
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