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Adam- Little Male Pomeranian Puppy, Cava-Tzu

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Adam: Pomeranian Puppies for sale. Click on my picture to see more pictures and to learn more about me!

SEX Male
Est. Adult WEIGHT 8 - 10 lbs
PRICE $ 300.00

With locations in Georgia, Florida, Ohio, and Indiana, we make it easy to connect you with the perfect puppy. If you find a pup in a location that's not near you, we offer hassle-free transfers to a more convenient spot.

Found a Home

By clicking "Adopt Me" you acknowledge that your deposit is non-refundable / non-transferable and will hold the puppy for 7 days. Full payment needs to be made within 7 days of deposit or the deposit will be forfeited.

Adam- Little Male Pomeranian Puppy


Say hello to Adam the sweet male Pomeranian puppy– Their regal appearance and charming personality make them fantastic companions for families and individuals seeking a loving and devoted furry friend. Whether it's a calm day at home or a special outing, the Pomeranian will be by your side, providing endless love and warmth. Embrace the elegance of the Pomeranian and welcome this sophisticated breed into your heart and home: today! Experience the wonders of having an adorable and graceful furry friend by your side – adopt a Pomeranian and make every day a heartwarming and delightful experience! Phone Number: 239-877-1757 Email: Address: 2770 Davis Blvd Suite 40 Naples, FL 34104 Permit #:P23-000253
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