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    Male, 13 weeks old (11/04/22)
    Adult Weight 4 - 6 lbs.
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    Male, 206 weeks old (11/16/18)
    Adult Weight 1 - 1 lbs.
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Yorkie Puppies for Sale in Ohio

The Yorkshire terrier is one of the most popular breeds, ranking No. 9 out of 193 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. Contrary to what its name might indicate, the Yorkie actually got its start in Scotland, eventually migrating along with its owners to the Yorkshire cotton mills in England. Because of its popularity, the Yorkshire terrier is a very common option for the designer crossbreeds, such as the Yoranian, Yorkipoo and Morkie. There are also some size variations, such as the teacup Yorkie, but these aren’t AKC-recognized breeds.

Appearance and Grooming Needs

The Yorkshire terrier is part of the toy group, which means they’re a very small dog. They usually only weigh around 7 pounds — some even less — and average 7 to 8 inches tall. Purebred Yorkies are always tan and black as puppies, but as they age, their coat color changes and ends up gold and a dark gray color referred to as blue by breeders. It can take up to three years for the Yorkie’s coat to reach its final color, and this changes again with senior dogs being more tan and gold.

One of the reasons Yorkies have gotten so popular is due to their non-shedding coat. While you may notice a few strands when you’re giving your puppy a bath or brushing, they don’t leave hair behind on furniture or your clothes, which is a big plus for many dog owners. Because of the human-like quality of their coats, they’re also largely considered hypoallergenic and suitable for people with dog allergies. However, they do still have the dog dander, and it’s possible for some severe allergy sufferers to still have some issues. Show-level pups undergo a lot of grooming to have that long, silky, shiny coat you see in the ring, but as an everyday pet, the Yorkshire terrier is pretty low-maintenance. Regular brushing keeps tangles away, and you can even have them shaved if you want to forgo brushing altogether.

Temperament and Trainability

As part of the terrier group, Yorkies can be a little more difficult to handle than their small size and adorable appearance might indicate. They were originally bred to hunt rats, which means they are excellent watchdogs and can have a tendency to bark more than necessary. This is especially true if they’re not getting enough exercise or training to keep problem behaviors at bay. They are known for being stubborn, which is usually only an issue when it comes to obedience and house training. Setting firm boundaries and not putting up with stubborn, pouty behavior — like refusing to go outside if it’s raining — keeps the Yorkie in check and makes for the best family pet.

Their small size makes them rather fragile, and they don’t always appreciate the rough play that comes with younger children. However, Yorkies are a great choice for a family with older children or children who are used to small dogs. They are known for a strong prey drive, so they may not be a great choice if you have small rodents in the house, but they usually do get along just fine with dogs and cats.

Health Concerns

Like most small dogs, Yorkshire terriers tend to live quite a long time, with the average life expectancy landing somewhere between 13 and 20 years. This also means they are predisposed to certain health issues, such as cataracts, hypothyroidism, and luxating patellas. Their small size also means small respiratory systems, which can increase their risk of bronchitis and collapsing windpipes. These dogs may also develop arthritis and other mobility issues as they age and may need some support to get around. This could just mean carrying them over longer distances or adding doggie steps so they can still get on and off the furniture without having to jump. While any senior dog is likely to eventually develop some health issues, proper preventive veterinary care can go a long way toward keeping your Yorkie happy and healthy even in their golden years.

If you’re thinking about adding a new puppy to your family, the Yorkshire terrier can be a great option for a family that wants a small dog with plenty of spunk and personality. Check out Little Puppies Online to get your search started.


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