Male, 198 weeks old (11/16/18)
    Adult Weight 1 - 1 lbs.
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Yorkie-Ton Puppies for Sale in Ohio

Playful by nature, these Yorkshire terrier-Coton de Tulear hybrids are little clowns that attract plenty of attention. Yorkie-Ton puppies love visitors and aren’t shy and typically aren’t aggressive to other dogs. Due to a fun personality, Yorkie-Tons are good playmates for children when treated with respect. However, clumsy behavior like patting them too hard, stepping on them or other roughhousing can make them shy away.

Breed Characteristics

Bred to be an excellent family dog, the Yorkie-Ton likes spending time with people and often follows its owners from one room to another. They get attached to their family members and don’t like to be alone. The Yorkie-Ton doesn’t require an intense exercise regime but likes to go for walks and play games of fetch. Basically, it’s up for any activity that involves human companionship.

Yorkie-Tons are very receptive to training due to their loyalty and eagerness to make their people happy. Because it’s highly intelligent, you can teach your Yorkie-Ton dog tricks like shaking hands pretty easily. This pup will need consistent obedience training from the start to avoid the overactive bark common in Yorkshire terriers. Get help finding the right Yorkie-Ton for you by checking out Puppies Online.


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