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Maltese Puppies for Sale in Ohio

Maltese dogs are one of the most ancient of the toy breeds, mentioned in both Ancient Greek and Egyptian writings. In fact, the Egyptians believed the Maltese had healing powers and would place the dogs beside ill people in the hopes of a cure.

Although they can't cure illness, Maltese will make you feel better with their gentle, loving natures.

Breed Characteristics

The most recognizable trait of Maltese dogs is their hair. They have a silky coat that hangs flat, almost to the ground. Some owners clip their dog’s coat short for easier maintenance, but long or short, the coat will need extensive grooming. These dogs are very small, with an average height of 8 to 10 inches and weigh less than 8 pounds.

Maltese were bred to be companions and need plenty of attention. This is not a dog that does well when left alone all day. Many follow their owners around the house, keeping their humans' company as they clean or sleep. They’re an intelligent breed and enjoy agility and obedience training. Their alertness can also make them good watchdogs.

Maltese puppies are playful, spirited and loving, like the adult dogs, and Puppies Online can help you find the perfect one to join your family.

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