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MaltiPoo Puppies for Sale in Ohio

Malti-poos are adorable dogs with a toy-like appearance and are a cross between the Maltese and miniature or toy poodle breeds. They are generally very small in size, growing to less than a foot tall at the shoulder. Their weight depends heavily on the poodle parent's size, but some Malti-poos can be as small as 5 pounds. These dogs have a fluffy coat that doesn't shed, but they do require regular grooming. Coat color runs the full range, from pure white or black to tan and white or tricolor versions.

Breed Characteristics

Malti-poos may be small, but they make up for it with a big personality. They're known for their playful, feisty dispositions and can be easily taught tricks like walking on their hind legs. They are very adaptable dogs and do just as well in a home with an elderly companion as they do in an active family with children — although the puppies are so small that children should be supervised. Their small size means they fit right into apartment living, but they are extremely social and need a lot of interaction throughout the day to keep anxiety and depression at bay.

If you're looking for a class clown-type pet that can also double as a lapdog, look for Malti-poo puppies at  Puppies Online.

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