Male, 198 weeks old (11/16/18)
    Adult Weight 1 - 1 lbs.
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Malti-Pom Puppies for Sale in Ohio

If you’re looking for a small dog that enjoys cuddling, the Maltipom is an excellent choice. A mix between a Maltese and a Pomeranian, the Maltipom has ancestors dating back to over two thousand years ago as companions to royalty in Cuba and as pets in the British Isles. The Pomeranian was also a favorite of Queen Victoria. A hybrid of two toy breeds, this tiny pet usually has a soft coat that’s long and straight. It’s usually white, cream, black, brown or fawn in color.

Breed Characteristics

Extremely gentle and affectionate, the Maltipom is ideal for those who want a constant lap companion. They are slightly leery of strangers, so they will alert you immediately of intruders. Because of their small size, they might not be suited for families with very small children; however, they do tend to adapt well to most situations.

Smart and lively, this breed is very eager to please, which makes them easy to train. They are low-key pets and don’t need much exercise, but they’ll amuse you with a sudden burst of energy running around the home when they’re excited. To locate available Maltipoms in your area, check out Puppies Online.


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