• Bunny – Perfect Havapoo

    Female, 17 weeks old (10/06/22)
    Adult Weight 8 - 9 lbs.
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    Male, 206 weeks old (11/16/18)
    Adult Weight 1 - 1 lbs.
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Havapoo Puppies for Sale in Ohio

Extremely affectionate and inquisitive, the Havapoo is a mix between a Havanese and a miniature or toy poodle. Soft and fluffy, these dogs tend to have fur that is either curly or wavy and extremely dense. This makes frequent grooming necessary. They come in a wide range of colors, and some are even hypoallergenic. The Havapoo grows up to a maximum of 45 pounds, which makes them a relatively small pet.

Breed Characteristics

If you have children or live in an apartment with other pets, the Havapoo is a dog that can adapt to company. They have moderate energy, so they require a few hours of romping each day in order to stay happy and healthy. Friendly and pleasing, these dogs enjoy sticking close to their owners. They also don’t like being alone for long periods.

While the dog is not known to be yappy, they are wary of strangers and will alert you when anyone they don’t know comes around. Very similar to their poodle lineage, Havapoos are intelligent dogs that are easy to train. If you’re looking for a small and cuddly dog to add to your household, the Havapoo makes an excellent addition to nearly any home. Check out available puppies at Puppies Online.


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