Male, 198 weeks old (11/16/18)
    Adult Weight 1 - 1 lbs.
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Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale in Ohio

Golden retrievers were bred to retrieve waterfowl with their owners while hunting. This notable breed has been featured in a variety of films, including Air Bud, Homeward Bound and the Disney animated film Up. Presidents Gerald R. Ford and Ronald Reagan both owned golden retrievers as pets.

Steadfast and loyal, these dogs make excellent pets, and they maintain their puppy exuberance well into adulthood.

Breed Characteristics

As their name indicates, golden retrievers are golden in color with a thick, wavy coat that sheds throughout the year. They are large and athletic, standing approximately 22 inches in height and weighing around 70 pounds. Extremely cheerful, retrievers rarely meet a stranger, and they are eager to please, which makes them exceptionally easy to train.

Because of their large size and energetic disposition, these dogs are best suited for large homes or an owner willing to provide frequent exercise. They get along well with children, dogs, cats and other small pets, and their bark is more welcoming than protective. Let Puppies Online help you locate available golden retrievers near you.


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