FAQ: Credit Card Processing Problems

Little Puppies Online, LLC is fully determined to ensure that zero fraudulent purchases goes through our system at all times.  To achieve this, we have deployed the best technology in our system to ensure safety of your data at all times.  Due to the increased level of security, we have customers whose cards even though genuine are sometime declined due to various reasons.  With the measures we have in place, you can be confident that your information is secure. This means that 100% of all card transactions through www.littlepuppiesonline.com are safe.

Below are some of the most common reasons why your card may be declined in our system.

  1. Wrong Billing Address:  This is the most common reason we see, where a customer enters a billing address that is different from what they have on file with the card issuing bank.  Please make sure that the address entered for your billing address is the same as the address with your bank.  You can verify this by looking at your credit card statement, and checking that the address on it is what you are entering.  You can also call your bank to verify this address before submitting to make payments using credit cards.
  2. Not Enough Funds in Customers Account:  This is the second most common reason.  Please ensure you have enough funds for the purchase you are intending to make before submitting the transaction.

IMPORTANT: If you think you have the right billing address, call the 800 number on the back of your card.  Your Credit Card company may have a misspelling or your business may have a different billing address.

Typical Respone Codes - Below are typical response codes you will get on our system, and an explanation of what each means. After the first failed attempt, review the reason for the failure and rectify it.

  1. RESPONSE: This transaction has been declined. (Reason Code 2 / Sub 1)
    • MEANING: Transaction Status:  Declined  (Card declined by issuer - Contact card issuer to determine reason.)
    • REASON DECLINED: Insufficient funds or some other internal reason at the bank.
    • ACTION: Contact the bank that issued the card to find out why.  It was declined by them, either due to insufficient funds in your account, or for some other reason.
  2. RESPONSE: Declined:  The transaction has been declined because of an AVS mismatch. The address provided does not match billing address of cardholder. (Reason Code 27 / Sub 2)
    • MEANING:  Transaction Status:  Declined  (Authorization with the card issuer was successful but the transaction was declined due to an address or ZIP code mismatch with the address on file with the card issuing bank based on the settings in the Merchant Interface.)
    • REASON DECLINED: AVS Mismatch is an indication that either the Street address is wrong, the Zip Code, or both.
    • ACTION: Contact your bank or card issuer, and ensure that your billing address entered in our system during check out is the same as you have on file with your bank.
  3. REPSONE: Declined: This transaction has been declined. (Reason Code 44 / Sub 2)
    • MEANING:  Transaction Status:  (Card declined by issuer - Contact card issuer to determine reason.)
    • REASON DECLINED: CCV Code does not match the card code on file for the cardholder at the issuing bank.
    • ACTION: Contact the bank that issued the card to find out why.


Please note that these issues occur due to the measures we have put in place, to ensure that only genuine cards are used in our system to ensure 100% protection of your information at all times. We have achieved 0% charge back by:

  1. Using www.authorize.net - Little Puppies Online, LLC uses authorize.net to process all credit card transactions using a method that ensures your details are not stored in any way in our system.  Credit card values entered into Little Puppies Online, LLC are sent immediately to authorize.net to process, and to return a true or false value (hence all that is saved in our system is the approved/declined response processed by authorize.net).  For more details of this process, please click here. We also subscribe fully to their proven fraud prevention system, (including using their Advanced Fraud Detection Suites, AFDS).  More details on AFDS can be seen here.
  2. EV SSL - www.comodo.com - Little Puppies Online, LLC uses Extended Validation SSL from comodo to ensure that all you sensitive data is transported securely from your computer to our servers or servers of our card processing companies. Click here to learn more.

For assistance or to pay over the phone please contact us at (740) 497-2333.