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Yorkie Chon Puppies


Yorkie Chon Puppies


Yorkie Chon Puppies For Sale

The Yorkie-chon dogs are just as perky, sturdy, and sweet as their parents- the Yorkshire terrier and the Bichon Frise.  This combined breed makes an extremely powerful dog in a tiny body.  Tiny as it is, the Yorkie-chon can easily become overweight when you don’t watch its foods as this breed is known for their love of food. 

Despite its size, the Yorkie-chon is known to be feisty and courageous, traits that it has taken after the Yorkie Terrier.  It is not intimidated by larger sized dogs as it thinks itself as an equally big dog.  This dog doesn’t surrender to any animals larger than it is and readily shows its power as the situation calls for it.

This breed is highly energetic and needs a lot of exercise.  However, it is often advisable to play with the dog indoors that can also meet his exercising needs.  This is because the Yorkie-chon has the habit of getting lost once outside so you will have to exercise extreme caution in handling them outside. 

Regardless of its penchant for playing actively and energetically, you have to know what you can and cannot do with this dog.  Its tendency to act big makes it quite difficult to know when the dog is already hurting.  It will continue to play with you or dance around even when it feels pain. 

What you feed this breed is crucial as this is the breed that will eat anything you serve.  One thing is for sure, the Yorkie-chon dogs love to eat.  However, the Bichon in them may cause some digestive problems that you naturally don’t want your dog to experience. 

Pay particular attention to the ingredients that go into the Yorkie-chon puppies food.  If you are buying his food commercially, you have to take the time to read the label and should see to it that the label lists meat as the main ingredient.  If you are preparing the food yourself, you know that meat is beneficial to your dog’s health and digestion.  Your dog will also benefit from fresh water that should be available at all times. 

Training a Yorkie-chon puppy is a delight.  This breed is smart and can easily pick up commands and learn new tricks.  It is also the kind of dog that can easily get along with other breeds, no matter what the size is.  This breed makes superb playmate for other dog breeds of similar size.  Although it can get along well with large sized dogs, it is best to refrain playing with and exposure to big-sized dogs as these dogs can easily chew-up the Yorkie-chon owing to its tiny size.

The Yorkie-chon can be an ideal social companion for you and your family.  Its free-spirited nature and happy disposition makes it a good playmate for your kids.  It can be stubborn like its parent the Yorkie terrier, but with consistent training, you’ll find that the dog is easy to follow obedience commands. 

Like most mixed breed, the Yorkie-chon puppies are generally healthy with no known congenital problems inherited from the parents.  Though you can expect your dog to be content sitting with you all day long, playing with it and giving the necessary love and attention will ensure a longer life expectancy.