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A Morkie Puppy (Maltese/yorkie) is a Maltese-Yorkshire terrier hybrid. This dog combines the traits of the Maltese and the Yorkshire terrier, especially if it descends from a pure Maltese and a pure Yorkshire terrier. A first generation Morkie (Maltese/yorkie) can be black and tan or butterscotch. One trait exhibited by this dog is affection, and it is very energetic, playful, and lively. These are some of the personality traits which it inherited from the Maltese and Yorkshire terrier. These dogs make great pets, and they crave the companionship of their owners. Due to the dog being a hybrid, there have been a number of questions regarding certain factors about its personality and others.

What is the longest time one can leave this dog breed alone?

Usually this type of dog can be left on its own for at most 8 hours, which is the usual amount of time one spends working or being in school. Owners can leave the puppy in a fenced off section in the house with food, water, and of course some toys to keep it occupied. By the time one gets home the puppy is sure to be raring to be cuddled and petted, which is a great stress-reliever on the part of the owner.

Can Morkies be around children? Do they mind being with other dogs?

Most people who own this dog breed can attest to its friendly nature. There are no problems in socializing with children – although one should always keep an eye on the kids while playing with the dog. It is possible that the children might tease or handle the dog roughly. As for being with other dogs, it can get along with them quite well, as long as it has grown up with these dogs. It is very wary of strangers and will alert the owners to the presence of an unfamiliar individual.

Do these bark excessively? If so, how can one control it?

Like all other dogs, Morkies bark as a way of communicating. When their barks go on for too long, however, then there’s a problem. Morkies bark excessively, but they do this only when they feel lonely or bored. Owners can solve this by giving the dog more attention or train them properly. Some owners say that they trained the dog by telling it to sit while someone (possibly another family member) rings the doorbell. They give the dog a treat as a reward, but only if it obeys the owner’s command.

How much can one Morkie (Maltese/yorkie) cost?

It really depends on the breeder.  Before jumping at a cheap offer, one should make sure that the puppy has no sickness such as worms, and that it has been brought up in a good environment. Buying a Morkie puppy at a low cost can help the owner save money now, but in the future there may be unseen health complications that would force the owner to pay for expensive medical bills.

These are just some possible questions one might have before buying this breed of dog. Remember that not all dogs are for everyone; a prospective owner must do careful research and see if he/she can handle the advantages and the disadvantages of owning a certain dog breed.