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Mal-Shi Puppies


Mal-Shi Puppies Are The Best Of Two Pure Breeds

If you want to enjoy the best of two of the most popular pure breeds, then you have to get the Mal-Shi puppies.  The Mal-Shi is a hybrid of the Maltese and the Shih Tzu dogs, both ancient pure dog breeds that originate from Malta and China respectively. 

Physical Description

The Mal-Shi dog possesses the distinct features of both of its parents.  It has the fluffy and silky fur of both its parents but like the Maltese, the Mal-Shi’s fur seldom sheds making it hypoallergenic.  Its’ high energy is said to be inherited from the Shi-Tzu. 

The dog comes in a combination of colors of its parents.  It gets its white color from the Maltese combined with brown, gray, black, or caramel which it gets from the Shi-Tzu.  Its color may change as it grows older.  For instance a Mal-Shi puppy may be predominantly white; this can change to any of the colors heritable from the Shi-Tzu. 

Its tail is fluffy just like its parents and curls in an upward motion.  It is classified as a toy dog with its small build of about nine (9) pounds to a maximum of 22 pounds in their grown up weight. 


Known for its very high energy, the Mal-Shi is a sociable, lively, playful, and generally noisy toy dog.  It is considered to be a companion dog, not only because it has the loyalty common to all dogs, but also because it has the strong inclination to protect its owner and its territory. 

Mal-Shi puppies are easy to train as they are clever.  However, when it comes to housetraining and disciplining the dog, you may need to exert more efforts and time as it can be quite difficult.  It is advisable and recommended that you housetrain the dog as early as possible.  You also have to persistent and firm in the housetraining until the Mal-Shi learns the necessary behavior. 

Health and Nutrition

The Mal-Shi has a long life expectancy of about ten (10) to twelve (12) years provided it has been well taken care of.  You have to feed a Mal-Shi puppy three times a day ensuring that it gets the right nutrition.  As the puppy grows older, feeding should be switched to two (2) times a day. 

To exercise not just the dog’s physical condition but also its mental alertness, you should take your Mal-Shi for a walk of about twenty (20) to thirty (30) minutes a day.  Taking your Mal-Shi for a regular walk helps keep your dog stable. 


You should see to it that your dog is properly groomed.  The Mal-Shi requires high maintenance when it comes to its silky fur- daily brushing is a must while professional grooming after every three (3) months is recommended. 

Bathing should be regular at an interval of two (2) to three (3) weeks, otherwise; your Mal-Shi will start to smell.  You must pay particular attention to the cleanliness of its eyes, as the dog is prone to eye diseases.  Brushing the teeth regularly will also prevent dental problems common to this hybrid.

Mal-Shi puppies are a good buy as they have inherited the well-loved traits of their parents- the Maltese and the Shi-Tzu.  Just like the Shi-Tzu which descended from a mix of pure breeds until it became a pure breed, there’s always the possibility that the Mal-Shi will evolve into a breed of its own.